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We are Kansas City’s  World Class Olympic Taekwondo Program.

Not all Martial Art Schools are equal and Martial Arts Style does matter!   Learn from the pros at PST!

Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo curriculum is the perfect balance between traditional martial art and martial sport.   Our instructors never "push" a child or student into competition.  Taekwondo competition is a personal decision and one that each student must make on their own.    However, we never apologize for competition and being competitive.  So, whether you are training for fun and self-defense or World Class Tournaments PST can be for you.   There are no ceilings in our Taekwondo program!   Sport taekwondo is unique in its very nature and no other sport in America can match its benefits.   The culture of Taekwondo has always placed an emphasis on the whole person; body-soul-spirit, and our program is no different.   Simply put, character development has always been and will always be the utmost priority in our programs for the children and teens.  PST has been nurturing physically, mentally and socially excellent people in order to create better citizens in our society for over 25 years.  Your child will become a better person with increased respect, focus, confidence, courage, and self-defense skills.   Let the journey begin!

"My family and I began Taekwondo with the Pruter's back in 1999.   Their program is by far the best in the nation.   We have witnessed personal victory and growth in our family as well as countless other families. Their organization is top notch. I and so many others have been impacted by their faith, their knowledge, their experience in the sport and discipline of Taekwondo, along with their willingness to pour out into each and every person who steps foot into the studio. 

You are not just a membership, you are family!   They continue to set an example of dedication, discipline and a commitment to move those who are desiring to be all they can be in Martial Arts, their family, their careers and their communities." 
"I highly recommend Pruter's Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts to anyone.”  

Andrea Thompson (Taekwondo black belt and mother of Dakota & Hunter )
also Founder and President of Moving Beyond

 "Great place to learn for young and old.  My daughter has been doing Tae Kwon Do with the Pruter's since she was six. The Future Kid program is a great way for your child to learn the basics and feel successful. Once they move up to the color belt program the students starts to fine tune the skills needed to be the higher belts. My daughter has gotten her second degree black belt and is the youngest member of the elite traveling sparring team. She has competed in many tournaments and competed in Nationals twice. Tae Kwon Do has built her confidence in herself not only in Tae Kwon Do but also in her school and interactions with adults and peers. She is a mentor in the younger classes and provides a roll model for them.  As an adult student I'm impressed with the encouragement and positive feedback they provide."   “I highly recommend Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo.” 

Sarah Briese (Tae kwon do black belt and mother of Ashley)

"My Daughter started taekwondo… with Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness  in 2004 at 5 years old.  She started out as a little girl training twice a week and now is 15 and trains with the Pruter's Elite team 5 days a week. This taekwondo school and the Pruter family have been a big reason for my daughter's success in school as well as Tae Kwon Do."   "To any parent looking to start their child in Tae Kwon Do, this school teaches discipline and values that will help your child succeed in life.”

Ryan Richardson (Tae kwon do black belt and father of Madison)

Congratulations to Master Instructor Tasha Pruter for being selected to the 2013 and 2014 World Cup Team. 

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