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We are the #1 martial arts studio in the region because we foster a comfortable learning environment. Affordable, no contracts.

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Up Coming Events



Friday December 5th

Black Belt Presentation

Blue Springs Studio



Holiday Sale 

Lees Summit and Blue Springs Saturday December 6th  10:00am to 1:00pm

Overland Park Studio, Special orders and sale items available, Just ask Master Pruter between class times.


Friday December 19th,  

6:30 pm Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit 

Colored Belt Testing at Blue Springs Studio

Saturday December 20th, 10:00 am the First Colored Belt Testing at the Overland Park Studio

Up Coming Tournament WTF International tournaments PST will be attending.

December 12 - 14, 2014

Pan American Taekwondo Open, Portland Oregon

January 20-25, 2015

US-Open, Orlando Florida

February  13 - 15, 2015

Canada Open, Toronto CA


Whether you want to get in shape yourself or teach your child fitness and self-defense, Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness is the martial arts studio for you! Martial arts fitness is a healthy and interesting alternative to weightlifting, running, or other common forms of exercise. By enrolling in our martial arts studio, you will discover things that you never knew your mind and body could do. Many of our students only wish they had started earlier! 

Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness offers kids martial arts classes, and these classes have become quite popular in Kansas City. Our instructors maintain a fun and carefree vibe for your kids while also providing personalized instruction. Our kids martial arts classes are great for helping your child to stay active, learn self-defense, and make new friends! In addition, each of our instructors serves as a mentor and role model for your child. 

As you will see upon arrival, our martial arts studio is replete with state-of-the-art facilities and décor. Each of our instructors is certified to instruct martial arts classes and has worked with professionals in the past. Our prices are reasonable, because we believe that everyone—regardless of financial circumstance—should have the opportunity to lead a healthier and more active life. We have maintained low fees for our classes for that reason—despite our growing reputation. 

Touch base with the team over at Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness. Whether you would like to try something new for your body and mind or to help your child stay active, our martial arts classes are the answer. Stop in or call us today!

What people say about Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts Fitness.

"My family and I began Taekwondo with the Pruter's back in 1999. Their program is by far the best in the nation. We have witnessed personal victory and growth in our family as well as countless other families. Their organization is top notch. I and so many others has been impacted by their faith, their knowledge, their experience in the sport and discipline of Takekwondo, along with their willingness to pour out into each and every person who steps foot into the studio. 

You are not just a membership, you are family! Not only did I achieve a 3rd degree black belt with Pruter's Martial Arts but I have achieved success in every area of my life that carries out into my everyday world and as a minister to successfully impact lives the way they have impacted mine and my family. They continue to set an example of dedication, discipline and a commitment to move those who are desiring to be all they can be in Martial Arts, their family, their careers and their communities.  

I highly recommend Pruter's Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts to anyone."

Andrea Thompson
Founder and President of Moving Beyond 

"Great place to learn for young and old

My daughter has been doing TKD with the Pruter's since she was six. The Future Kid program is a great way for your child to learn the basics and feel successful. Once they move up to the color belt program the students starts to fine tune the skills needed to be the higher belts. My daughter has gotten her second degree black belt and is the youngest member of the elite traveling sparring team. She has competed in many tournaments and competed in Nationals twice. TKD has built her confidence in herself not only in TKD but also in her school and interactions with adults and peers. She is a mentor in the younger classes and provides a roll model for them. As an adult student I'm impressed with the encouragement and positive feedback they provide. I highly recommend Pruter’s Sport Taekwondo.”

Sarah B.

"My Daughter started taekwondo...

My Daughter started taekwondo with Pruter's Tkd in 2004 at 5 years old. She started out as a little girl training twice a week and now is 15 and trains with the Pruter's Elite team 5 days a week. This tkd school and the Pruter family have been a big reason for my daughter's success in school as well as tkd. To any parent looking to start their child in tkd , this school teaches discipline and values that will help your child succeed in life.”

Ryan R.

Congratulations to Tasha Pruter  for making the 2014 
USA Women’s World Cup Team.

World Cup

This years World Cup will be held in Queretaro Mexico in conjunction with the 2014 Grand Pri Final.

USA-Taekwondo Announcement 

Congratulations to Lexie Shepard for making the 2014 Junior World Team 

USA-Taekwondo News


Congratulations to Tasha Pruter for being selected to the 2013 and 2014 World Cup Team. 

USA-Taekwondo News 

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PST Elite The Only World Class Olympic Taekwondo Facility in Kansas City.   

The only Olympic Taekwondo Program in Kansas City to have a Senior USA National Team Member,  a Collegiate National Team Member, and a Junior National Team Member.

Watch the WTF Promotional Video to learn more about our style and the World Taekwondo Federation.

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