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Kevin Pruter

I’m Master Pruter and welcome to the PST Web Site.  We are Kansas City’s Olympic Taekwondo Program!

PST students start as young as age 4 and are as old as you want to be.   PST is the perfect fit for anyone looking for Fun, Self-Defense, Confidence, Focus, Discipline, Motivation, Improved Coordination, Better Flexibility, Muscle Tone, a Great Full Body Work Out.  In other words, an awesome Martal Arts Experience.   

Concerned about competition?
Don’t be.   Most of our students are content competing with themselves for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual self improvement. 
However, if you or your child does choose to Compete in Taekwondo. Rest assured you are a part of the very best Taekwondo program in the Kansas City area.  
Our credentials speak for themselves.  PST participates in USA-Taekwondo events, World Taekwondo Federation events, and is a registered Kukkiwon Recommender.   PST is also the newest member of Peak Performance teaming up with Peak Performance Kansas.   Always remember you do not have to be an Champion to train like one.  
Congratulations to our own Tasha Pruter for being selected to compete on her 3rd consecutive World Cup Team National Team.  The World Cup will be held in Mexico City December 8th & 9th.  Go PST, Go Peak, Go USA!   

2015 World Cup Team Selected

Click the Picture for the USA-Taekwondo Announcement.

World Cup Team Champs photo 2

PST has been nurturing physically, mentally and socially excellent people in order to create better citizens in our society for over 25 year.  The PST martial arts curriculum is the perfect balance between tradition (self-defense) and sport.  Our program will literally change you or child for the better.  

For more information about our incredible age specific programs just click on any of the sidebar pictures.  You will be taken to a page that should answer almost all of your questions.  When you are ready to get started just click on the kickstart

Up Coming Events


Nov. 13th, Forms Class 6:30pm at the Lee’s Summit Studio

Nov. 14th, Black Belt Testing 10:00am at the Lee’s Summit Studio

Nov. 20th, Forms Class 8:00pm at the Lee’s Summit Studio

Everyone that is joining Peak Performance  Kansas must have their form and payment turned in before Thanksgiving Break.

Nov. 25th to 29th Thanks Giving Break No Classes on those days.


Dec. 4th Colored Belt Testing 6:30pm at the Lee’s Summit Studio

Dec. 5th Colored Belt Testing 10:00am at the Overland Park Studio

Coach Brockman, Coach Moreno, Coach Pruter, Peak Performance

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